Speciality Chemicals -

Protonic Pretreatment + Sequestering
Protonic Pretreatment
DTE Nonionic Product for protonic Pretreatment having combined properties of detergency , wetting and dispersing
YK liq. Cationic Demineralising agent for processing yarns and cellulosic knits.
LFS Nonionic Ecofriendly non ionic wetting, washing, and cleaning agent for all types of fibres.
Aquacel - Sequestering agent, water softener.
Wetting & Mercerising
OTL Anionic Anionic, powerful wetting and rewetting agent in liquid form.
OT Anionic Anionic, powerful concentrated wetting and rewetting agent in paste form.
HPWD Nonionic APEO free No ionic, wetting and detergent for universal application.
DT Nonionic Non- ionic wetting agent and detergent for universal application, especially useful for Wool Scouring.
NINLiq. Conc. Nonionic Non-ionic APEO free powerful concentrated wetting agent and detergent.
Mercinol - D Anionic Non-cresyic Mercerizing wetting agent having very rapid wetting efficiency. Especially suitable for fabric mercerizing.
Softeners & Silicones
CS Cationic Cationic softener, for all fibres.
Vexon – NA Anionic Stable wax emulsion for smooth feel, luster & waterproofing of heavy cellulosic materials.
Softener – NW Cationic Economical cationic softener for natural as well as synthetic fiber material.
SWPI Cationic Cationic, wash fast softener for polyester, polyamide, polyacrylic and blends. Used for partial replacement of silicone in a finish.
Rewetting Softener
RSI Anionic Amphoteric, hydrophilic softener for cellulosic fibers and their components in blends.
PNLI Cationic elastomeric softener for all types of fiber specially suited for producing full and bulky handle.
Silkysoft Perfume Softener
NI Non-ionic softener
HINI Nonionic, non yellowing softener, suitable for use in resin finishing 7 optical brightening of white goods.
Silicone K Cationic Micro amino siloxane for excellent inner surface softness.
Silicone SF Cationic Highly concentrated micro amino silicone emulsion for permanent finishing effects on all fibers.
Leveling Agents
Leveling Agents
DFT Nonionic Non ionic leveling agent for dyeing of PES fiber.
SMKI Nonionic Amphoteric leveling agent for 1:2 metal complex and chrome dyestuffs in wool dyeing.
Peroxide Killers & Stabilizers
Peroxide Killer
HPK Nonionic Economical eco- friendly peroxide killer for high temp. application based on reducing chemistry.
Peroxide Stabilizer
PS - Organic silicate free peroxide stabilizer.
Alkali System & Defoamers
Alkali System
BS Anionic Scouring agent for all fibers imparts soft handle. Also used for carpet washing.
SDF Nonionic Silicone based antifoaming agent suitable for jet dyeing application, prevents foaming, and destroys existing foam Also suitable for print application.
TCI SP Carrier for Dyeing
SSI TCI-SP Anionic SSI CARRIER-TCI based on dichlorobenzene is available in a self-emulsifiable form. It is very essential to get enhanced dye uptake on polyester fibre/yarn when the dyeing is to be carried out at the atmospheric pressure at the boil, where suitable pressure dyeing equipment is not available.